Ross Burrows

Pump Court

The Modern Barrister

Admitted in 2006 and called to the Bar more recently, Ross holds dual capacity as a solicitor and barrister. Having knowledge of both roles is a rare commodity but it means that Ross has stolen a march on the workings of the legal profession as a whole. From this Ross is now keen to deconstruct the traditional models to offer you an approachable and engaging working style, with the combined ability to provide clearer justice to those who instruct him.

Ross created a firm of solicitors with his business partner Kevin Batch, who are today still the only partners at KB Law Solicitors. KB Law24 is a specialist criminal service whose business model is created around the key elements that Ross pioneers from his own independent practice, some might say a modern day lawyer who leads a modern day practice.

Ross specialises his advocacy skills in general crime which means that he has the benefit of being defending in the crown courts across the country on a daily basis. To that end, Ross is achieving notable recognition from the profession as a whole, to include the Judiciary. Ross is regularly featured in the press and regularly writes articles on legal issues that he feels passionate about.

Being a barrister means that there is an element of cross-fertilisation of these skills which are lent to the Bar Council; Ross is fast developing a reputation specifically for this ability to adapt for the future and these achievements are becoming better recognised over time. Ross teaches a number of different business skills to barristers, QC's and MP's on a national scale and provides them with a recognised regulatory based qualification at the end of a day long course. Ross is now regularly asked to advise firms and barristers about the future, has spoken at the most recent Bar Conference and is often asked to speak at other venues. Presently Ross is a member of the Bar Council's Access to the Bar Committee and lends his support to their campaigns.

A determination and passion from the start has contributed to Ross' ethos today.

Significant Case History of Recent Relevance

Elliott, Ipswich Crown Court 2012
Dangerous Driving
Swallow, Norwich Crown Court 2012
Complex and delicate sexual case
Monk, Norwich Crown Court 2012
Child Abduction
Flynn, Norwich Crown Court 2012
Wounding with intent
Jackson and Palmer, Ipswich Crown Court 2012
Large scale drugs conspiracy between Lowestoft and Liverpool
Ward, Norwich Crown Court 2012
Rape case
Karakannu, Ipwsich Crown Court 2012
Rape case
Legett, Chelmsford Crown Court 2012
Sensitive sexual case
Condeco, Norwich Crown Court 2011
GBH on a police officer, allegation of a broken arm
Thorp, Canterbury Crown Court 2011:
Large scale drug conspiracy involving £75,000 worth of cannabis being smuggled into the country.
Geer, Maidstone Crown Court 2011
Bomb Hoax at a train station in Kent, very relevant in today's current climate
Jackson, Norwich Crown Court 2011
Multiple allegation of sexual assault including rape.
Ellis, Norwich Crown Court 2011
Armed robbery, with a pistol.
W, Norwich Crown 2011
Serious violent physical assault on a vulnerable baby.
McRoberts, Ipswich Crown Court, 2011
Aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and assaulting a police officer.
Marinho, Norwich Crown Court, 2011
Historic sexual abuse case, including allegations of rape.
Parker, Snaresbrook Crown Court 2010
Perverting the course of justice, alleged gang rape allegation by the defendant.
Jones, Isleworth Crown Court 2010
Bomb hoax on an aeroplane.