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AppealIn the majority of cases you may appeal a case simply if you believe that the decision against you is wrong in law.  Often there will be time restrictions in which you must lodge a notice of your intended appeal and the grounds for this, so it is important to work quickly.  You may also feel it is appropriate to obtain an advice from Counsel as to whether an appeal is necessary, so your case is given a fresh look.  Ross works swiftly and will be clear with you as to what your strengths and weaknesses are, hence giving you a pragmatic decision.

AdviceThis is the most effective approach to the law and litigation as a whole.  Solicitors regularly rely on the barrister's specialist knowledge of the law given their high level of experience in advocacy and negotiation.  The benefit in directly approaching a specialist barrister is that you can reduce costs and avoid risks of miscommunication.  A written piece of advice can be required for almost anything, from whether to appeal a decision that went against you, to whether it is cost effective to take a matter to court in the first place and the chances of success should you do so.  The reassurance of advice in business generally may allow you to make every day decisions with confidence.

InjunctionsThis is a court order whereby a party is required to do or refrain from doing certain acts.  A breach of an injunction creates a criminal act, which can in certain circumstances be an arrestable offence.  Whatever your needs, whether it be to prevent strike action or to protect someone from harm, an injunction is often required with immediate effect.  Contact Ross who will operate your exacting specifications straightaway.

Civil and Commercial LitigationExperience shows that addressing and managing commercial disputes earlier mitigates the escalation of the dispute and is more likely to lead to an early and commercially advised resolution.  In order to achieve this, Ross' clear approach is to provide you with all options: whether to negotiate, mediate or engage in other forms of alternative dispute resolution, before then turning to contested trials/tribunals

EmploymentA broad spectrum of employment issues can come before Employment Tribunals or internal disciplinary hearings and Ross provides assistance to both the employer and the employee in every circumstance.  Furthermore, in respect of non-contentious work, Ross can provide advice on a variety of matters from business TUPE transfer to the legality of discrimination, disciplinary and recruitment policies.

Complex Crime / FraudThere are a number of unfortunate situations that you may find yourself in during a lifetime and the most important reassurance is that you have quality Counsel conducting your case whilst in a tense and delicate environment.  Crimes can include so many different forms, from money laundering and high value fraud, to perverting the course of justice and kidnap.  Ross is experienced at successfully defending an array of clients that covers a wide spectrum

Road Traffic LawThere are a number of unfortunate motoring offences that can catch the motorist out.  If your livelihood depends on your driving licence, then persuasive advocacy often results in effective rewards.  Ross is well used to representing clients with anxiety and considerable concern and successfully save them from almost certain disqualification.

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It is now possible to instruct a specialist barrister on a direct engagement, without the need to involve a solicitor. Public access is a radical movement in the legal system which until now has gone relatively unnoticed.

Ross is a well established barrister with a tenacious attitude, who is based in a long established and substantial set of Chambers in Temple, London.

Considered as a market leader in public access work, Ross is a highly rated individual practitioner renowned for his intellectual rigour and commercial astuteness:

“to strengthen your legal position and have the edge over your competitor, I encourage direct contact on the phone or simply through an enquiry.”